Workers’ Well Being Program

  • Provide loans as and when requested by workers without any interest rate.
  • Provide medical treatment of workers on urgent need.
  • Provide detailed blood reports to workers during Blood Camp in all units of Akhtar Textile.
  • Provide free transport service to all workers. Transport system regularly updated on workers’ grievances.
  • Provide awareness and understandings among workers about manage their monthly budgets and appreciate savings habits.
  • Provide Alico medical cards to staff who are not eligible by Social Security Institution.
  • Provide ATM facility at all Units for easy withdraw of money.
  • Improved canteen atmosphere and cutlery, management is going to provide canteen contractor at all units, where workers will get hygienic subsidies food on daily basis.
  • Provide daily dinner packs to workers at gate (on factory own expense)
  • Provide and generate awareness among workers about day to day health issues. How they can save themselves from high blood pressure, sugar and other communicable dieses.
  • Provide maximum support to ladies workers, provide safe and secure working atmosphere where they can work without any worry, pressure and stress. Provide all legal benefits to them, no medical test done before hiring any lady worker.