Founded in 1985 for manufacturing and exporting textile products. ATIL setup it's new jeans/casual trousers manufacturing unit, which was a first totally automated unit in South Asia in 1998. This new factory is equipped with state-of-the-art computer controlled machines based advanced technology for the making of denim jeans and khakis. Beginning with an initial capacity of 5,000 pcs per day, ATIL today is making 35,000 pcs per day. Annual sales is almost USD 55 million.


  • Process Efficiencies

    Energy & Utilities – Investments in power, heating & water management

    Industrial Engineering of sewing processes

    Investments in HR training to improve fabric utilization

  • Material Utilization

    Better sourcing of fabrics (reduced wastages)

    Investments in Marker Optimization software

    Investments in HR training to improve fabric utilization

  • Expansions

    50,000 PCs per day.

    More storage area.

    Automating the laundry.

  • Laundry Quality controls

    Shade control of bleach down washes through control of hypochlorite

    Insulated bleach storage tanks

    Raw material quality check daily "gpl" testing